Sunday, 7 November 2010



Hin Ta and Hin Yai Rocks 

Grandfather and Grandmother rocks on Koh Samui

After waking up this Sunday morning and seeing a blue sky outside, we quickly decided to go somehere nice, preferably the place where we have never been before... It was hard to choose a place since we have been nearly everywhere during our 5 years living here, but I managed to find out that apparently my hubby has never been to our local attraction called Grandmother and Grandfather rocks which are situated in the end of Lamai beach.

I  also had many people asking me about current conditions of Lamai beach, so it was win-win situation for both of us.

I was there once about 7 years ago when I was a tourist in Samui ( don't think anything has changed there much though :-) ....), but it was a very brief visit which didn't leave too many memories or photos, so today it was also like a first time for me... We were lucky - this morning was very bright with lots of sun, so we managed to get a few good shots there. When we were leaving, the sky started turning a bit grey, but it wasn't raining. 

The legend goes that these rocks were created when a couple were travelling by boat with their son to his forthcoming wedding. The unfortunate family were caught in a violent storm off the coast of Koh Samui and their vessel capsized. Unable to swim, they drowned and magically became the rocks as a sign of their good intentions towards son's proposed bride and her family.

During the last few years a number of souvenir shops, stalls selling clothes, postcards, drinks and snacks including a must-try Thai coconut caramel sweets called 'galamae' ( couldn't resist that one today - too yummy!!!!!) , plus small restaurants, bars and car park have grown up around this site. There is a charge of 20 THB for parking but there is no charge for looking at the rocks. Beautiful nature around, stunning rocks, clear sea - go and enjoy!






Mama, what is it? :-))))

The beautiful nature around the rocks


And you know what this is? I was told today it is a  
Grandpa number 2 - the sleeping one!!!!!!!! Thais do have sense of humour... :-))))))))))


Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for looking!


  1. Hi Elina

    Very nice pictures! :) I stumbled upon your blog while "researching" on the current flooding situation in Koh Samui. The photos you posted put us at ease because we'll be travelling to Samui with our toddler next Tuesday. Pictures we saw on TV covering the floods in Thailand were worrying... and it seems that Samui wasn't that bad. *fingers crossed*

    But my mother, who's more paranoid than I am, keeps insisting that I should cancel our trip as she fears water-borne disease in Samui. Do you think this would be the case? I'm kind of paranoid too (no thanks to my mom) because I'll be bringing my one-year-old with us. The biggest concern: is water safe and clean?

    So, any advice from you will be greatly appreciated. :)

    God bless you, your family and everyone in Samui.


  2. No, it's not bad now at all at the moment, although we are expecting big rain tomorrow...At the moment water is clean in some areas - Chaweng , Lamai, and not very clean in Choengmon, Bophut and Maenam...I don't think you will have higher chance of getting any disease here because of that flood, just use mosquite spray, wear long trousers in the evening, and maybe use a pool instead of sea if you see it's not too clean...I have a baby too, and lots of my friends do, so we live in these conditions, it's not as bad as many people think.

  3. Now I did sound silly asking you about the water! *lol* Thanks for sharing the info - it's really useful because I have no one to ask (not even the hotel staff who's only giving me the barest info). :) Hope the expected heavy rain will not cause too much damage to the beautiful island! Take care, you guys! :)

  4. Wow, This is really beautiful, I just love to get Tours in Samui and visit those beautiful rocks and learn more about them, Thank you for one really amazing article, Have a great day ahead