Thursday, 18 November 2010


House for rent in Bophut

Today I went to see another house for rent. Previous tenants have just left and it's now become available.
I will try to describe it as good as possible to give you an idea. 
The house itself is basic. Very basic, actually. But having said that, all the rest about this house is really good. 
It's in Bophut, which is great already. 
It's in the quiet end of Bophut which is even better. You feel like you are actually in the jungle, as you are surrounded by nature, birds and butterflies, but in reality you are 1 minute walk from the main road.
The house is very clean.
The house actually looks lovely and has a beautiful outside terrace where you can sit, read your book and have a cup of coffee...
It is a duplex house, so if you have a big family - you rent the second one as well, in this case you get 2 living rooms, 2 bedrooms, 2 kitchen and 2 terraces - pretty big house actually. They don't interconnect inside, but have kind of joined terrace outside. If you rent 2 together - you get discount.
It's near the main road but just a bit off it, on a very quiet street, so there is no noise there.  
It's 2 minutes from the beach - just cross the road and you are there.
There is a Thai restaurant on the corner of the street in 1 min walking distance - cheap Thai and not so cheap European food :-)
There is a Family Mart in 2 minutes walk, so it's very easy to keep your fridge stocked. 
If you stay short term - there is a resort on the beach just across the street, which has free public WI-FI which you can use.
If you stay long-term - they will provide internet line for you.
And finally it's only 10 000 per month!!!, which is the best deal,  or 800THB per day, or 5000THB per week.

So, I thought, it would really suit someone on the budget - either someone who needs a cheap accomodation on holiday without too many requirements, or someone who wants it for sort of long term - as you can actually make it quite nice if you get a few good quality things yourself, like stuff for the kitchen and nice bed linen and towels. They will provide basic stuff, but you can always buy whatever you want.

Anyway- here is the pictures...

You can see 2 brown doors - these are 2 houses in 1 building.

The terrace

Living room - pretty basic, but has TV, sofa and fan. 

Bedroom - basic as well, but has another TV and aircon. 

Kitchen - probably the most basic room in the house, they said they can bring the gas and the cooker with 2 hobs or just electric cooker and they will bring a tea kettle. There are already a electric saucepan  and a rice cooker :-), few plates, cups and cutlery. And a fridge/freezer of course.

Bathroom is very decent, I've seen much worse...

Another view of the living room and the terrace.

So, if anybody wants it - contact us while it's still available. Houses like that don't stay empty for very long...


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