Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Places to go


As I mentioned today on the Facebook, we managed to get lost in Samui's jungle this afternoon, while looking for one resort  (which was unfortunately never found in the end :-))))) 
The road was so good, that we kept driving and driving, expecting to find the place we were looking for, but instead we found ourselves on the very top of a very high hill...

As a result we found a monkey picking up coconuts and also we found great additional route to our private Samui tours, with fantastic viewpoints, and beautiful nature around...So, I must admit I really enjoyed our "lost" trip today despite the fact that my business meeting was obviously cancelled and I still have to find that mystery hotel though :-)

So, here are a few pics of a glorious Samui's nature and jungle life, hope you like it too!

Monday, 29 November 2010


 Lovely Condo in Bangrak for rent

Today we went to see a condo for rent in Bangrak.
Normally, I am not a big fan of living in condominiums in Samui as I prefer houses, but today I thought I will make an exception.  I will explain, why.

First - location. It's in a very quiet location, up on the hill, and the flats on the upper floor have absolutely amazing views from the balconies : 

The pool is great too! Very big and has a shallow part for kids!

Then they have a pretty big car park there and a nice looking restaurant ( Hope the taste is as good as the look - but I haven't tried. ) They actually deliver food to your room ( delivery is free) if you wish.

 There are 4 types of accomodation there - studios, standard rooms, suites and deluxe family rooms.
To be honest I didn't bother with studios and standard rooms as I don't have many requests for them. So we went to see a suite and two deluxe family rooms - ordinary one and the corner one.

I will start with the best - Corner Deluxe Family Suite, because I really liked it.

First of all, it's huge. Absolutely huge. It's got 2 bedrooms, beautiful living room, fully fitted kitchen, 2 bathrooms and a very big corner balcony. Also, if that size is not big enough - it can interconnect inside with another 2 bedrooms flat next door. 
Pictures are here: 

The prices :

Daily - 5 000 THB
1 week  - 18 000 THB
2 weeks - 31 500 THB
3 weeks - 40 500 THB
Month  -  45 000 THB

Next one - Deluxe Family Suite ( normal one, not in the corner)

Same - 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, fully fitted kitchen and a balcony.
It's a bit smaller than a corner unit, but still a good generous size.


The prices :

Daily - 4 000 THB
1 week  - 14 000 THB
2 weeks - 24 500 THB
3 weeks - 31 500 THB
Month  -  35 000 THB

And the last and simpliest room was a  Suite

It has got 1 bedroom ( it looks a bit funny - like a glass box :-)))), 1 bathroom, living room, balcony.  Pretty simple after all these deluxe rooms...But then again, the prices are much cheaper that deluxe rooms, so I guess it will find its customer...

The prices :

Daily - 2 200 THB
1 week  -   7 200 THB
2 weeks - 12 600 THB
3 weeks - 16 200 THB
Month  -  18 000 THB

If you need any help with booking or just have any questions, 
please contact us on < samuiconnection@gmail.com >

Sunday, 28 November 2010


And the busiest place here - Chaweng beach....

(photo taken by my friend Nong)

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Places to go

Koh Som

Not many of you know about one beautiful place just off Koh Samui, the island ( or two islands to be exact) called Koh Som.
Koh Som consists of two very small uninhabited islands which are connected by a sand shelf...They have no roads and I am not even sure about electricity, although they do have one cafe there for visitors, so there must be something... 
These islands still have its amazing natural beauty and remain as a sanctuary, although I know that there are some plans to build a resort there....

Occasionally Koh Samui D-Js organise some parties there, which are quite successful and locals love it...Here are a couple of pics which I borrowed from our famous DJ Steve Bray - here on the picture is the man himself DJ-ing on Koh Som and one party shot...

Also I have been lucky to go there once and do yoga with friends and then relax on the beach for a few hours...

The place is stunning, and it would be a big shame if it will become a construction site...Even for 5 star resort.. There are plenty of them on Samui already,  I personally think we should have some natural beauty left here untouched...