Friday, 29 October 2010


Another rainy season...

It looks like rainy season has started... We were expecting it a couple of weeks ago, as it normally starts in mid-October, but we were lucky and had a beautiful sunshine...
My hubby took a few pictures today from our balcony ( his usual spot for pictures of flood). We live on the main ring road, which was recently all beautifully resurfaced and new drainage systems was installed, so hopefully we are not going to have too much trouble with flooding this year...
But we've still rented a 4/4 jeep for this month :-) Just in case! 

Thursday, 21 October 2010


 Karma Sutra

Every day after we drop our baby at nursery, we are going for our morning cup of coffee...

We have our local favourite, and so far we've been very loyal customers as I simply couldn't find a better place. It suits us in all the ways - coffee is good ( they even have soy milk for me), the ambiance is great, staff is superfriendly and the old Balinese bed we always sit on is really comfy!

I am talking about Karma Sutra cafe in Fishermans Village.

My morning latte :-)

You won’t mistake this place for anything else as the décor is very different to everything else in a village -  owners Laurent and Virginie have taken two very traditional wooden Chinese shop houses and have decorated them with an almost antique Asian, mostly Balinise style. 
You can just have coffee there or sip a cocktail from a daybed, or eat a full breakfast/lunch/dinner from a comfy sofa, you will enjoy it for sure!

I love Fishermans Village. It's totally different in the morning and in the evenings. Evenings are busy, with many people coming for dinner and shopping, and mornings are so quiet... you only see occasional tourist who has probably woken up a bit too early for the beach, and now is thinking what to do with himself...Mostly the people you see - the owners of local businesses, who are slowly opening big wooden doors to their cafes/shops, cleaning the windows, getting food deliveries... The Village is still sleepy and quiet...That's the beauty of it.

The owners kindly let me use the pictures from their website, so have a look, and maybe come, check it out and enjoy! It's great, trust me :-)