Tuesday, 25 May 2010


"The House on Samui"

I think I haven't written yet about shopping on Samui. I did write about supermarkets, but not about individual shops. And being a shop owner as well as a travel agent, and being a typical woman, I am going to begin the shopping series with the post about my own shop :-)

When I came to Samui, my first thought was - what am I going to do here? 
And after a few months of thinking, the idea of shop suddenly came about, so we found a suitable premises, completely renovated it inside, and then  "The House on Samui" was born 4 years ago.

We always try to bring to our shop something different. You will not see in our shop the most common on Samui fake Billabong shorts and Diesel T-shirts. We do try to find some young Thai designers, or buy something what catches our eyes, something more individual and better quality. 

The shop has 2 rooms - one for ladies, another one for guys, plus a small kids section. 
Our selection of traditional Thai fisherman pants is one of the biggest and best on Samui, we always bring them from the North Thailand, they are so much better there...
Clothes plus accessories, bags, shoes, souvenirs... you name it. 

I am actually going to make a separate blog for my shop one day, and put there all the stuff we sell, in case anyone wants to buy, we send stuff abroad too.

But for now - just pictures of it, taken by me, my husband, my staff, inside, outside...anyway, hope you like it. Pop in when you are in Samui. It's in Fisherman's Village on the street which starts from the main entrance to the village and goes to the pier.

 Golf, my best shop assistant ever, and I.

Just a few pictures of our jewellery

I am in a process of choosing the right stones...

So, hope to see you there one day!


  1. Hi Elina!
    I just moved to Koh Samui (I will be here for 2 months), been here a day and am so glad I found your blog!! I need ALL the insiders tips I can get. I used to live in Thailand for 5 years and now I am back with my twin girls of 8 who are Thai nationality. (we adopted them as babies). I want to give my girls as much as possible the Thai culture for these 2 months and even looking for a Thai tutor. Maybe you can help?? I live in Baan Laem Noi, next to the Four Seasons. Where is your shop located?? Maybe we can communicate via FB?? That is the easiest for me... find me Mireille Dijkstra... I will look you up now.