Friday, 14 May 2010


Silver Beach

Silver aka Thongtakian beach is one of my favourite beaches on Samui. It's situated between Chaweng Noi and Lamai and it's totally peaceful (but I noticed it's actually getting busier), beach has a very soft white sand, and the sea is totally crystal clear, like nowhere else on Samui...I try to go there at least once a week and just chill. We took my hubby's mum there sometime ago, she just couldn't get enough of it, totally loved it too...Dogs and babies seem to get along pretty well - everyone gets way too relaxed here :-)

There are a few small resorts at the beach, including Promtsuk Buri, Thongtakian resort, Crystal Bay and Samui Yacht Club, they are all pretty simple but nice, and you can have a Thai traditional massage under a big tree. There are no sunbeds on the beach, so you have to bring your own towel.

You have to be a little careful when swimming and walking in the water though, there are some corals and stones on the sea bed. The sea is very shallow, which makes it perfect for swimming with kids. There is no watersport there, so the water is not polluted, which also makes it very attractive for swimming as all Samui's main beaches are now getting really polluted with gasoline, sometimes it's really unpleasant swimming next to the numerous speed boats and jet-ski.

Beautiful huge rocks surround the beach on both sides, the scenery is so picturesque, sometimes you just want to pinch yourself...I really recommend you to pop down there for a day if you are in Samui, it will be one of the highlights of your holiday here...


  1. Wow! Silver Beach looks gorgeous! Thanks Elina for your wonderful posts! I stumbled on your blog while searching for info on Koh Samui!