Tuesday, 25 May 2010


"The House on Samui"

I think I haven't written yet about shopping on Samui. I did write about supermarkets, but not about individual shops. And being a shop owner as well as a travel agent, and being a typical woman, I am going to begin the shopping series with the post about my own shop :-)

When I came to Samui, my first thought was - what am I going to do here? 
And after a few months of thinking, the idea of shop suddenly came about, so we found a suitable premises, completely renovated it inside, and then  "The House on Samui" was born 4 years ago.

We always try to bring to our shop something different. You will not see in our shop the most common on Samui fake Billabong shorts and Diesel T-shirts. We do try to find some young Thai designers, or buy something what catches our eyes, something more individual and better quality. 

The shop has 2 rooms - one for ladies, another one for guys, plus a small kids section. 
Our selection of traditional Thai fisherman pants is one of the biggest and best on Samui, we always bring them from the North Thailand, they are so much better there...
Clothes plus accessories, bags, shoes, souvenirs... you name it. 

I am actually going to make a separate blog for my shop one day, and put there all the stuff we sell, in case anyone wants to buy, we send stuff abroad too.

But for now - just pictures of it, taken by me, my husband, my staff, inside, outside...anyway, hope you like it. Pop in when you are in Samui. It's in Fisherman's Village on the street which starts from the main entrance to the village and goes to the pier.

 Golf, my best shop assistant ever, and I.

Just a few pictures of our jewellery

I am in a process of choosing the right stones...

So, hope to see you there one day!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Places to go

Karma Resort - events

Karma Resort is a beautiful place but it has never been known as a busy social place...There were a few good parties organised there in the last couple of years, but only very occasionally, nothing regular. 

Now it seems that Karma's team has finally decided to make it up to us, redeem themselves and make the place alive again. 
So in the last few days I have received 2 invitations to different events in Karma, and I am going to try them both, and write my reviews later, but for now I just want to put the advert here, and I hope I am not the only one who will appreciate it.  

See you there!

Friday, 14 May 2010


Silver Beach

Silver aka Thongtakian beach is one of my favourite beaches on Samui. It's situated between Chaweng Noi and Lamai and it's totally peaceful (but I noticed it's actually getting busier), beach has a very soft white sand, and the sea is totally crystal clear, like nowhere else on Samui...I try to go there at least once a week and just chill. We took my hubby's mum there sometime ago, she just couldn't get enough of it, totally loved it too...Dogs and babies seem to get along pretty well - everyone gets way too relaxed here :-)

There are a few small resorts at the beach, including Promtsuk Buri, Thongtakian resort, Crystal Bay and Samui Yacht Club, they are all pretty simple but nice, and you can have a Thai traditional massage under a big tree. There are no sunbeds on the beach, so you have to bring your own towel.

You have to be a little careful when swimming and walking in the water though, there are some corals and stones on the sea bed. The sea is very shallow, which makes it perfect for swimming with kids. There is no watersport there, so the water is not polluted, which also makes it very attractive for swimming as all Samui's main beaches are now getting really polluted with gasoline, sometimes it's really unpleasant swimming next to the numerous speed boats and jet-ski.

Beautiful huge rocks surround the beach on both sides, the scenery is so picturesque, sometimes you just want to pinch yourself...I really recommend you to pop down there for a day if you are in Samui, it will be one of the highlights of your holiday here...

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Places to go

Krua Bophut  and walking street...again...

So, today was another Friday, we were back to Bophut's walking street and I thought I will just add a couple of more pictures of a crowd...

The band was playing live music at the pier...

 And this is me with my shop assistant Golf, who I couldn't possibly live without...and our little table which we set up in front of my shop...

Anyway, I said a lot about walking street already in my previous post, today I wanted to write a review about a restaurant where we ended up after all this walking...

Krua Bophut

Krua Bophut is a stunning restaurant at the far western end of the Bophut beach and I have to say that it's one of the most beautiful buildings/places I have seen on Samui. The owners definitely got it right.
The restaurant's building itself is a dark wooden Thai ‘house’  with beautiful traditional Thai tiling on the floor, very stylish decorations and interesting collections of antique things such as furniture, telephones, radios, tea & coffee sets, lamps, and more. 

It is a very elegant place to dine, but you can have 2 more seating options -  
one is on the open terrace,
which gives you the option of enjoying Al Fresco dining on the beach without getting sand in your shoes (That was area of our choice),

or directly on the beach
I usually love dining right on the beach, but not with my baby who is a big sand-eater :-)
This part of the restaurant is the most popular, so get the tables earlier.

The menu consists of authentic Thai cuisine prepared in classical style with a little twist, kind of Thai-Fusion I would say...
There is a big choice of dishes, great salads and soups, main courses with chicken, beef, pork, and of course seafood and fish- white snapper I tried was out of this world...
So I had a White snapper steamed with Thai herbs, which as I said was extremely delicious, portion was quite big and cooked really well. Every main course here comes with rice, so you don't need to order rice separately, it's already included in the price of dish. 

So, that was my snapper (you cannot really see the fish under all those sauce and herbs, but believe me - it was a generous portion).

My hubby had a Duck fried with mushrooms and pineapple, and he also liked it a lot.

Both dishes are excellent examples of just how delicious Thai cuisine can be.

 We also had Mai-Tai cocktails to start with, they were served in a big ceramic jar and tasted really good.

So, overall it was a very nice dining experience, which we are definitely going to repeat...Great location, view to die for, great food and drinks, and to my surprise - out bill was below 1000 Bt which is a very very good value for dining in the place like this. I can't recommend the place enough.