Saturday, 17 April 2010


Amala restaurant at Prana resort

Here on Samui we are not very spoiled with good vegetarian food. There are a few great vegetarian restaurants in various health resorts, and of course Thai places always have something on offer,  but still, trying something new wouldn't do any harm... And being a veggies lover, I am constantly searching for something new... 
So, yesterday we and some friends of ours decided to have a dinner in Amala restaurant at Prana Resort. I heard about it from some friends of mine, and those who live on Samui have probably seen somewhere their unusual logo with multicolour asparagus, which is easy to recognise.

Prana is a small, smoking free, vegetarian boutique resort, set on the beautiful spot of Bangrak beach, great for watching sunsets. They also have a happy hour from 4 pm to 7pm every day, all drinks - buy 1 get 1 free, plus you get complementary tapas (on the picture)

They also have a special tapas menu, tapas are great for those who doesn't want to have a full dinner, but still want to eat a bit more than complementary plate...

So the best way to do it - come there about 5.30 pm, when the heat goes down, have a cocktail and a few bites, watch a beautiful sunset, and then proceed for dinner...It's pretty romantic - candles on the tables, Al Fresco dining...They move a few tables out to the pool, so you are sitting really under the stars...

This is the day shot of their restaurant, just to give you an idea...

And this is us, drinking and waiting for food, honey is busy taking pictures for me... :-)


This is Prana's very own hydrophonic garden (picture is provided by chef Jonny Large)

They actually grow there lots of different herbs and other veggies, everything is organic and tastes really good.

And this is the chef Jonny himself :-)

He has created the yummy menu,  and executed all the dishes perfectly,  I am going to show you what we had for dinner, what it's called, and how much it cost.. I copied the description from the menu - I would have never been able to remember exactly what it was after I left restaurant...

For starters we shared:

ETT 140 Bt -  from tapas menu.
Crumbed and fried eggplant, Tempe,
tamarind sauce, chilies and cashew nuts 

Rice Paper Rolls 180 Bt
Rice paper wrap of carrot, basil, asparagus, peppers,
beanshoots, Sarawak pepper, sesame plum dressing
and vegetable ribbon salad.


Then for mains we had:  
Spicy Bean Burrito 220 Bt
Burrito with kidney and pinto bean chili
   with smoked cheese, taromole, salsa and tomato salad

Pumpkin and Curry 250 Bt
Pumpkin and sweetcorn coconut curry, brown
rice, puppodum

Mushroom Tagliatelle 280 Bt
Homemade tagliatelle with mushrooms, quail’s eggs,
basil, rocket, parmesan and truffle oil

Saffron and Artichoke Ravioli 270 Bt
Inside one ravioli is an artichoke, smoked cheese, pine nut and pesto mix, that's going with a tomato salsa and a waldorf salad


And we were too full up for dessert, so we just had this one to share...There were few others which cought my attentions, home-made brownies with ice-cream, and tropical crepes for example, but I will try them next time I am there..

Dragon Torte 180 Bt
Orange, lime and almond torte, dragon fruit and
lemon sorbet 

We liked everything, altough burritos were just a bit too spicy, but if you don't mind spicy - then it's perfect. The prices I given here are from the menu, before VAT and service charge, which is 10% and 7% so it will be a bit more in the end, but if you are not a meat-eater or you just like veggies, then it's well worth it, so I really recommend this place - nice location and great food.