Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Places to go

 Fisherman's Village walking street.

I like to walk. And here in Samui there are just not many places where you can actually walk. Or to be exact - to walk and enjoy it. I cannot bring myself to walk in Chaweng or Maenam along the road where we do have sidewalks for pedestrians, but these sidewalks are just so bad, and level of pollutions from old bikes and songtaews is so high, (add sewage smell in Chaweng to it), so I don't enjoy it at all, let alone going there with a baby in a stroller.
So, you can imagine how happy I was when a few weeks ago Nathon and Bophut suddenly decided to have a walking street once a week. No cars, no bikes, just walking people. Pure bliss! And I can actually take my baby in the pram and don't need to worry about traffic and pollutions...
I haven't been to Nathon yet, but last Friday I went to Bophut's Fisherman's Village and had a great time.
To be honest, we can actually walk in Fisherman's Village anyway, it's one of the best places on the island for casual walk, but it is just not the same with bikes and cars around you, and also the atmosphere is different.
The walking street in Fisherman's Village  starts at 5 pm and goes on till 10 pm or even later,  as people enjoy it a lot and don't really want to go home.
I have a shop in Fisherman's Village, and my staff kept telling me for a couple of weeks already that I must get a table to set up outside of the shop. Everyone else does it on this day, allowing visitors to have a better shopping experience. Tables are set up along the street, selling different goods (clothes, souvenirs, jewellery, food, basically  everything).
And while their parents were busy selling stuff, Thai kids settled comfortably on the Bophut pier, enjoying themselves.

So, I was there before 5pm, to help my staff to arrange our table. Then it was time to go for a walk with my hubby and my baby Jake.
The food was everywhere. I knew I was going to try everything, so I skipped the dinner at home (We did feed the baby though :-)...)
The food was great, such a variety of everything - salads, soups, seafood, meat, fried rice and noodles, fruit shakes, sweets, you name it..
Eating streetfood is Thai national pastime. They love it. And so do we. Here is how it looked like:

My son wasn't too happy- he couldn't have all these delicacies. He is too young for spicy salads :-)

 So yummy!!!

We had a real feast, and hey, our son scored a banana from a local vendor and really enjoyed it!

After we sampled literally every kind of food on the street, we decided to stop and have a rest in the newly opened place on the Bophut beach, called Coconut, which sells ...guess what?....everything made from coconut - coconut ice-cream, sorbet, shake, jelly, some other things (sorry, cannot remember everything - too many) - so, we settled for an ice-cream, which was absolutely delicious, served of course in a coconut shell, and cost only 60 Bt.
Considering that you are sitting right on the beach with a view to die for, eating this really tasty ice-cream, freshly made just seconds ago, I think it's a pretty good value. Here are a few pictures from "Coconut" - I highly recommend it. Total chill-out place, even with a restless baby :-)

I am so looking forward to next Friday already! I am really glad that someone came up with this great idea to give local people and tourists an opportunity to have an enjoyable evening in a village with a great atmosphere, a chance to try so many Thai delicacies in one evening, buy some interesting things, listen to live music at the pier, and basically just have a very very good time! 
See you there on Friday!


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