Friday, 12 March 2010


 Fashion Show

   I love happening places. I love London where I used to live. I love Samui too, but it is not a happening place. Chilled-yes, slow-yes, kind of same every day- yes..., but not really happening...
It's good in some way, we don't really stress out here, the lifestyle here can be summarized in two words "cha-cha" (taking it easy, slow, no rush, just live day by day)...But sometimes it's really nice when something happens here.
Lately it's been getting better. Some good artists such as Danish jazz singer Sidsel Storm and British singer Heather Small performed on the island recently, some good new DJs are playing in the clubs, so we are kind of slowly getting there...

This Sunday 14th of March we are having fashion show here on Samui in resort called Saboey Resort and Villas. The event is called "Bikini & Beachwear Fashion Show 2010" where our local bikini and beachwear queen Genevieve Dejaeghere is going to show her own creations together with some beautiful imported stuff. I also heard that some shoe designer called Cedric Cador will be there as well...
To be honest I have never heard of him until today, but I've just googled him and apparently he is making pretty nice beach shoes...And by the way - he's just opened his "corner" in a trendy Bangkok's Siam Paragon ( gonna check that out when I am there).

And he's just had his photoshoot a few days ago here in Thailand in Koh Samet... Here are a few pictures from there which I found on his site:

So, bikini and shoes...I guess it is match made in heaven.

Genevieve (in a middle) is a long-term resident of the island (more than 11 years if I am not mistaken) and used to run a beautiful boutique in Chaweng, but then had a baby and due to family commitments decided to give it up and concentrate on the family and raising her son. Now he is 2, and Gene is coming back. She has already put one show together not so long ago, in Karma Resort, and that show was a success. She is also modelling herself and in a great shape! Here are a few pictures from the show to give you some idea:

This upcoming show will be held in Saboey as I mentioned before , this is the picture of the pool where this event will take a place,

and this is what the schedule is going to be like :

- 4.00pm – 5.00pm : VIP cocktail (Printable invitation only)
Open to all:
- 5.00pm - 5.30pm : Guests begin seating for fashion show
- 5.30pm – 6.00pm : Fashion show at the pool – 1st Part
- 6.00pm – 6.30pm : Break and buffet
- 6.30pm - 7.00pm : Fashion Show at the pool – 2nd part
- 7.00 pm : Finale and Fireworks
- 7 .30 pm onwards : Fun starts with DJ Adam Matson (from Spain) - he was DJ-ing on her previous show too, great to see him again.

Buffet will be available at 350THB net + Drink list "a la carte"

As usual, after show everyone can buy any item they liked directly from designer, and prices will be cheaper than in the shops. Good luck and see you there!


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