Wednesday, 3 March 2010


I had a few messages on Tripadvisor after my detox article, so I decided to do this one as a follow-up, although I have to say right from the start that I have never experienced a full detox (with colonic I mean) myself , so I cannot really share my own experience, but what I did - I went and spoke to someone who is doing it there, so, I wrote a few words about his experience.

Get healthy! Detox!

A few days ago I met this guy. He was doing yoga class with me in Absolute Sanctuary. He was pretty overweight, yoga was quite hard for him, but he did his best and he wasn't too bad. After the class I asked him - What are you doing here? Where are you from? You don't look like a regular yoga guy...

Suddenly he started talking to me in my mother tongue - "I live in Moscow..." - he said in Russian with a heavy American accent... That was enough to get me interested...

The guy's name was Michael, he was on day 6 of his 7 day detox programme.

Personally I have never done full detox, only juice fast. I wanted to know all about it from the first hands, so we had a chat.

Living in a big polluted city and running successful businesses is hard work. And hard work can wear you out one day. If you’re not balancing this hard work, sooner or later you’ll be burned out. If you are also overweight, it makes things more difficult and one day you find yourself in rollercoaster - you work, you get tired, weather is cold, sky is grey, you eat comforting food, you have to go to business lunches and dinners, you have a drink after work, you become more and more overweight, more and more stressed, and you can't stop it.

Sometimes you just have to say - I had enough. Sometimes you have to take a few weeks off and leave. Go somewhere. Somewhere healthy. Not big all-inclusive resort where you can eat and drink as much as you like. Go somewhere where you will not be allowed to eat. Go to boot camp.

Absolute Sanctuary is not a boot camp. It's actually a very nice friendly place. I have been going there for my yoga classes from the day it was opened.

Michael has been to Samui quite a few times and tried probably every place which offers detox - The Spa Resort, Kamalaya, New Leaf, New Body and Mind....Now he came here, to Absolute, to give it a try. He had a private session with nutritionist, and was recommended to start from 2-3 days Pre-cleanse ( if you have a few spare days - it's the best way to start your detox). They put you on the raw food to prepare your body for the full detox. The results will be much better this way.

Now, he finished his pre-cleanse and was doing his week of fasting. Already on day 6.
So, what is your day like? - I asked him.

- "Waking up early, 5.30- 6 am, watching the sunrise... (Sunrises are amazing here, in Sanctuary, you are high up on a hill, and you can watch it every morning from your balcony...),
Then I am having my first shake - it's either pineapple or watermelon juice with some supplements such as psyllium husks and benitoite clay. Also I am taking spirulina and mineral supplements..

After that I may go and do early morning meditation session or Tai Chi class. Then back to my room. I am thinking a lot these days. Thinking about my life, about my family, about what I am going to change in my lifestyle when I come back to Moscow...I have plenty of time to think about it. I have already made some decisions..."

So, what are you gonna do? - I asked...
-"Well...Quite a few things actually...I am going to start with combining my food properly - no more carbs mixed with proteins...One day a week is gonna be a detox day - no food at all. Our body, our digestive system needs a rest. Then I want to hire a private yoga teacher and continue with yoga...And most likely I would change location where I live, or just get out of town as often as I can, just to breathe fresh air...Maybe I will buy a dacha - (summerhouse in Russia) - somewhere with lots of green around me...somewhere where I can escape from polluted city, and just be on my own...Me time."

- Oh, that's great! So, you really think about making changes.... lets come back to your daily routine, I want to know more...

- "Ok, I go to detox yoga class at 8 am, then relax until afternoon when it's a time for my colonic. I have four shakes a day and one colonic. Colonic is not something people (especially men) like to talk about, but I have to say that colonic here is great! The room is a state of the art, great facilities, nurses are very experienced. Colonic has 3 phases - first just water, second- water with added coffee, and then they also add a probiotic there for the third phase.
First day of colonic is always the hardest..days 2 and 3 are much better, and then on day 4 I could actually feel how my body is releasing the toxins, so I started feeling great!
Then I chill by the pool, meet people here, make friends.i made a few great friends here - we are pretty similar-minded here...Then evening yoga class, then some relaxation and early bed...
I have already lost 12.5 kg in these 5 days, it's been very good, I am really pleased. I find detox is a life changing experience. I will come again next year....
Detox is an excellent opportunity to de-stress and rejuvenate fully so now I am ready to go back to my life with new ideas and new habits, I am gonna have my life in better balance. This place was great - I got here an excellent Wellness Consultation and tailored package to bring me the best benefits possible, physically, emotionally and energetically.
It was my time for me – now it's time to go home...."


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    What is your recommendation regarding New Body and Mind in Koh Samui? They have a great web site, but cant't seem to get any reviews on their reteat.

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