Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Villa vs Hotel

Where to stay? Villa or Hotel?

People are often wondering - where shall we stay, rent a villa or book a room in hotel?
It's a tricky question, both have pros and cons and here we are going to look at them.


Pros - You don't depend on anyone, you can cook your own food or eat out, you can bring your friends and have a party in your rented house, the price can be negotiated with an owner, you can walk around naked, you can make a noise, you can have a barbecue, you never disturb anyone and no one disturbs you.

Cons - Unless you have a cleaner there, you will be the one who has to do all the cleaning and try to keep the place in decent condition, otherwise millions of tiny ants will arrive, your food will be destroyed and your great party mood will be ruined after finding a few dozens of them in your sandwich and even more in your sugar pot
( really annoying when you are just about to have a coffee)...
I am actually fighting them at the moment in my own house, as soon as I spray in one place they appear in another, only God knows how much money I have spent already on bying sprays.

And finally -you may b
e in trouble if you don't speak much English, as you will have to deal with all your needs and find answers to your questions all by yourself and in English (ot Thai of course) language, so you'd better learn a few words before you travel..


Pros - Relatively easy to find the one you like - you have tons of travel websites to look for information, and many travel agencies to help you to make a right choice.
We are one of them of course, so if all other places don't do it for you - you are more than welcome to ask me to help you.
So, cleaning is done for you, food is also prepared (unless you don't like hotel's food and really want to make your own), you lay by the pool and waiter brings you a cocktail.
You will probably have sunbeds right on the beach ( if they are not already taken by Germans at 7 am in a morning - I see it on Choengmon beach when I come there at 9 am - nearly every sunbed has a towel on it without any people in sight, then they start to appear around 10 am after breakfast, it's really annoying I must say). Sunbeds on the beach are rare when you are renting, unless you are renting expensive and directly on the beach, but normally mid-range bungalows and villas are not exactly on the beach.

Another good thing -in hotel you have a lovely girl on reception who deals with all your problems, who rents a car or bike for you, who books your excursions, helps you to make a call and generally is a very helpful little thing, always saying YES to you. Thais always say YES, even if they mean totally opposite :-) It takes time to get used to it...

Cons - You don't have all that freedom you crave...
And if you come in Cristmas/New Year Eve you will be obliged to go to Gala Dinner which hotel organises on those nights, it will cost you a fortune, it will be probably very boring, food is hit and miss, and generally its a waste of money which you cannot avoid.
And you may end up in a room you don't really like, or your bathroom might be in a urgent need of update, or aircon may not be working or your neighbours will have a couple of crying babies, and we can go on and on and on, but we still like to stay in nice hotels and believe that we are going to get a beautiful room and be treated like Royals...Oh, I wish we were...