Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Honeymoon Hotels (Part 1)

Ok, as I promised, today we are going to look at Samui Honemoon Hotels (I will call it HH), or to be exact - hotels which are really good for spending your honemoon there...

What is a HH? Of course you can spend your honemoon in any hotel and have a good time, but may be I am too traditional in heart, but IMHO the perfect honemoon should be spent in beautiful quiet romantic surroundings, with lots of birds and butterflies around you, with as few people around you as possible. which will give you a cnance to actually enjoy each others company for a while before you get back to your grim reality of daily 9-5 jobs, no free time for each other at all except Friday night dinner in a local Pizza-Express (may be a bit too grim :-).. followed by a few drinks in a pub.
I would point out though that one man's meat is another man's poison, so I am only making suggestions here, but the choice is yours of course!

We are going to split HH in 3 categories:
1. Posh and luxury (£100+++)
2. Beautiful mid-range (£50-100)
3. Simple but romanitic ( £20-50)

Also we are going to look at different areas, I will not explain you here about those areas in details, you can read it for yourself on Tripadvisor, we will just look at the hotels. Sometimes I may only suggest one or two categories, it doesn't mean that there is no suitable mid range or simple hotels for you there, it just means that they are not in my list of perfect honeymoon hotels in this particular area.


1. Luxury

Zazen Boutique Resort & Spa

A beautiful small boutigue hotel in Bophut, perfect for honemoon. Mediterannian meets Moroccan style...

I also like
Bophut Resort and Spa and Anantara Bophut, which belong to the same luxury group, but Zazen is my favourite for the honemoon.

2. Beautiful Mid Range - there is no such hotels in Bophut suitable for honemoon, so we are going straight to number 3

3. Simple but romantic

Here I have 2 long time favourites -
The Lodge and The Red House

The Lodge

A small 9 rooms beach questhouse run by lovely Thai lady Koi, the most helpful person on this planet who will make you feel part of her family and do everything to make your holiday unforgettable. They also have a little bar/breakfast place right on the beach, and the beautiful seaview and sound of the waves are oh so good for your digestion...

The Red House

The Chinese style bedrooms are absolutely beautiful, the staff and owner are super friendly and helpful and the location is great. Four poster beds are a MUST!!!
I personally love having my latte there around 5 pm at the terrace overlooking the beach...A million dollars view!


  1. Do you have any contact information for The Red House? I don't know how you make reservations online. Thank you! I really like your list!

  2. Unfortunately The red House doesn't exist anymore, it has been changed and now is Samui Ley - Still a nice place though.

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