Wednesday, 29 December 2010



Today's weather wasn't too good - the rain started a few times, the sky was grey all day with a very little occasional sun...Most of the beaches had big waves ( actually same as yesterday),  making it difficult to swim. Island's beaches were pretty empty with most of the people trying to spend the day in the bars/cafes/Tesco/anywhere dry really...  Here is a today's picture from Lamai:

Hope tomorrow will be better...... :-)

Monday, 27 December 2010



Just a quick update about the current weather - Christmas Day and Boxing Day were really good, very sunny! 
Monday and Tuesday forecasts also look very promising, so I am happy that people can actually enjoy their holidays, after being trapped in European airports for a few days because of the snow... 
We had quite a few unlucky people from UK who didn't make it to Samui. Fortunately now the flights from UK seem to be resumed, although Moscow's airport, which has been so far so good in this bad weather, today suffered some major problem, and some flights were cancelled or transferred to another airport, so we are expecting some delays and cancellations from that side of the world...

I spent my Christmas day on Lamai beach, feeling totally lazy :-) We had a great celebration on Christmas Eve, so I decided to take a break and just chill on the beach with friends. Lamai beach was great as usual, here is the picture...

I would like to apologise in advance for not posting much during X-mas and New Year holidays, we have too many things going on here - first of all lots of work due to peak season, plus of course lots of celebrations and invitations, so I can only promise to try to write something as often as I can :-)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 

to all my readers !!!

Best wishes and happy holidays!!!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Places to go

Starbeach Bistro and Cafe

I'm always trying to look out for some nice new places to eat, and we do have our long time favourites, but so far I've been having problem with finding a good place to have breakfast.

If I want just a porridge or muesli with yoghurt - I will just do it myself at home. But if I want proper good old English fry-up, I like to go out and let someone cook it for me.

Unfortunately many places in Samui where you can get it, IMHO are slightly confused with their location.  I think they imagine themselves being located somewhere in a middle of a beautiful English small village or something like that, not less...otherwise how can they explain their prices for the full English ( or American) breakfast which often exceed 200 THB? For example Admiral Nelson Pub  charges 230 THB, which is nearly £5... I can get English breakfast in London for this money, you know...

So, after seeing quite a few unrealistic eateries around, I was really pleased to find one little gem which does the job for what it cost here... And I really want to recommend it to you, before you waste your money somewhere else...

This tiny place is called Starbeach Bistro and Cafe, it's a husband (he serves) and wife ( she cooks) team,  and it's located in Big Buddha area just before the turn to Plai Laem temple ( or Six Senses resort - whichever you know better)

The cost of Full English breakfast, which includes 3 sausages, 2 slices of ham, 1 slice of beacon, 2 fried eggs, fresh sliced tomato, 2 toasts with butter and orange marmelade is 90 THB

Their coffee is egually good priced  and tastes great too - the owners imports coffee beans from Australia. 

So, it was a very pleasant surprise to finally find someone who is not greedy and does excellent job, we really enjoyed our breakfast, and I actually felt very full for the rest of the day. 

And yes - they have a free WI-FI there!!!!

Here are some pictures:

View from the road

Happy customer :-)

Sunday, 19 December 2010



A few days ago we had pretty big surfable waves in South Chaweng. 
Unfortunately for surfers and fortunately for tourists ( especially for those with small children)  it doesn't happen very often,  and it's not really big like in Bali or places like that... and  I know that many people still have doubts and don't really believe that Samui has surf, so here is the pictures...

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Places to go

Namcha Tea Room

I've had my shop in Fishermans Village for about 4 years now, and I've become friends with all the people on our street, so we was quite upset when one of my neighbours, nice Japanese lady called Harumi, decided to sell her famous Papa Jo guesthouse and leave Samui. It was a cheap place, but she was a great funky girl, so we missed her a lot and were wondering what will happen to her place...

For about a year it was empty and had a sign "For sale"...then suddenly the sign has gone, so we started guessing...From very white it's become very green, the entrance was glamourised ( can  I say that? :-) and something very interesting went on inside... 

Anyway, long story cut short - a few days ago I received an invitation by email.  Here it is:

And then some pictures were attached...

So, needless to say, the whole thing left me pretty speechless...

I could imagine something like that somewhere in a middle of a glamorous Siam Paragon shopping mall in Bangkok, but definitely not in our good old Fishermans Village... 
And considering that Fishermans Village IS the most sophisticated place on Samui,  IMHO it's still not sophisticated enough to have something like that...Or maybe it's the start of a new era??? :-)

Anyway, having been here long enough to see people succeed and fail, come and go, I am always feeling a bit sceptical about OTT places. And as much as I want this ambitious lady to succeed ( she is nearly next door to me and I LOVE a good tea!!!), I'm still a bit cautious, and want to see it here over time... Only time will show... 

Meantime - it's not a private invitation, it's open for everyone. So if anybody is feeling as curious and nosy as me - please do come over tomorrow and check this out. See you there!

Christmas on Samui

Getting ready for Christmas!

Samui is getting ready to celebrate! Today we drove around and saw various beautiful X-mas trees which is still unusual sight for the tropical island, but it is definitely putting us in a Christmas mood and makes me think about starting bying presents ( that is the hardest part - what can we buy here.....)  and quickly installing X-mas tree in our house - we got one already,  the biggest we could find in Makro :-) 

But of course being on the tropical island is not all about Christmas - today's sunset was very beautiful too and we enjoyed it from one stunning villa which we added to our database today! 

The days are getting busier and busier, there are more and more people coming to Samui, so work doesn't seem to be finishing...this is how we normally end up these days... :-) :-)

Tuesday, 14 December 2010


Tuesday, 14.12.2010

I still can't believe the rainy season has finished... ( I mean I hope it's looks like it's finished, and Windguru shows no rain in sight...) We had quite a lot of it in the last two months, so now waking up in the morning to a blue sky feels a bit used to grey one :-) ...  so I keep checking it all the time :-)

We had a few appointments today in different areas, and on the way we took pictures of different beaches and nice views... I thought I will post them here, make you guys happy and hopefully put a smile on your faces :-)

So, the starting point was  South Chaweng..


 I really fancied a massage but had no time for it...
( typical....can't remember last time I went smimming, can't remember when I had a massage :-) ...). 
The masseuses had plenty of time, but no clients... One of the life's paradoxes... :-)

Then we moved to Chaweng Noi

Hotel Sarann...

 Then it was a Coral Cove beach where we added this pretty cliffside bungalow for our  property database...

 Then we stopped at various viewpoints...

You can see Silver beach in a distance...The view from The Cliff restaurant..

So, hope you got an idea how Samui looks like right now! 
  Fan-tas-tic!!!!!    Book a holiday and come over!  :-)

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Places to go


Woody A shop and bar

Yesterday we went to the opening of a new venue in Fishermans Village - "Woody A shop and bar".
 There are tons of places in a village to eat, drink and shop, but this cool little place is different...
We liked it a lot!   

The owners - superfriendly couple Mike and Ina have made every possible effort  to make this place very warm and welcoming, they take great delight in greeting every customer personally, making sure that everybody’s totally happy. 

The menu looks very yummy, and at the opening party we had a chance to try a few samples of what they offer...Being open all day, there’s a wide range of sandwiches, burgers, soups, antipastas, salads, snacks, coffee and juices always available, as you might expect. 

The signature drink is a rum punch - once you tried it, you will come back for more, it's a splendid blend of fresh tropical fruits with good old rum... 

For health concious - there is a big choice of fruit smoothies with funky names and delicious taste, for Mcdonalds/Burger King junkies - a few types of great home made mouthwatering burgers, and for Spaish/Italian food lovers - there is delicious gazpacho, nachos, antipasti, insalata mista, etc... So there is something for everybody, even the little ones...

The shop adjasent to the cafe sells very funky and cool clothes for men and women, shoes, bags and jewellery and it's not just holiday wear - you can easily wear everything  back at your home country...

Come and try this little place for breakfast, lunch or light dinner, or just drinks with friends, you will definitely be back again.

P.S. One more thing I forgot to mention about - Mike has a big screen and a playstation there, so there is a free offer to play a game after your meal if you need to kill some time...  :-)